Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board!

These are pictures of my kids working on the stage they designed!
(On the picture to the left starting on the left is Massiel, Marines, and Arlette. On the picture to the right is Adriando showing his muscles!)
I finally made it home on Monday. After having to deal with mechanical failure and the dread that the U.S. thought that I was already in the D.R. when I was still in Texas. I was so glad to get home, but I was very excited to see many of you!!!!
It has been a nice week. The sun is shining, work teams are coming, my kids are crazy! Please pray for our upcoming work teams safety. Also, we, my fifth grade, have a lot of things left to cover this year! Please pray that we can successfully accomplish all of it!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I must apologize for not updating our blog! Many exciting things are happening in our lives. This week is semana santa, so we have no school. I am home for my sister's wedding. Yeah! I am enjoying my time here very much!
This last semester my kids finished designing and building the stage we worked very hard on!! We are about to begin our new expedition over immgiration.
Mark's schedule has been rearranged a little, and now he helps me out during the day, which I love. He is also helping do some maintance around the school.
God is so good, and He never fails to show us His love. Mark's labtop screen broke, and we were only able to use it hooked up to a monitor at the school. Well, needless to say, I was struggling to get my online coursework done. "Randomly," a man who is moving back to the U.S. asked if we needed a monitor. He said it was old, but what a blessing to be able to do my schoolwork, both Doulos, and my final college courses, at home! God is so good!!!!!!!
Please pray for Lindsay, our first grade teacher, as she still struggles with her health.
Please pray for these students because they are really struggling; Erys, Anthony, Santiago, and Arlette.
Thank you for your prayers and support,