Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Well, we thought we should start some new, good habits. Thus, we are blogging again this week! (Yes, we are secretly smiling at each other and patting ourselves on the back.) This week has certainly had its trials. I came down with tosilitis or strep, we're not really sure which. Of course, I wanted to share my feverish delight with Mark. We both missed school this week. Yuck.
Our bodies are mending slowly, but we have great staff ar Doulos who were such great blessings and took our classes while we were away. My fifth graders are in the final stretch of their expedition. I can't wait to finish this!!!!!!! I am so excited. I will try to post their final product, but we'll see.
Pray for the Doulo staff, many are ill. We are praying for safety for you and yours this holiday season. We love and miss you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sorry for being incomunacado!!!

Hello! I know we have not updated in awhile so I am really sorry! Things here have been great! Expeditions are in full swing which is marvelous and stressful!!!
Mark is really settling in with his kids well. They absolutely love "Mr. Mark." Sometimes on long weekends Mark will even say he misses his kids! He is taking his boys (14 boys out of 21 students, crazy, huh?) camping in two weekends, so please pray for him. Also, Mark's birthday is tomorrow, November 21st! Happy Birthday, Mark!!!
As far as I go, well, it has been crazy. As you know we are designing a waste water treatment facility for our school. I never realized how important water is, but my students and I are learning every day. We have studied, in my opinion, every possible type of water purification system known to man! We had an expert, Lisa Ballatine, share about her project aqua pure, a water purification project that is bring clean water to Dominicans in the vally where we live. If you would like to learn more information go to http://www.aquapure.com.do/english/home.htm or
I promise pictures will follow if I can ever find a way to upload my photos from my camera.
Dios te Bendiga,