Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back To School

Hey everyone,
We didn't forget about y'all. The school year has begun, and wow, pretty crazy. I (Mr. Mark) now have 21 bouncing 2nd graders: Isaac, Eliezer, Alberlyn, Jansys, Josue, Ramsel, Frandi, Briam, Luís, Marcos, David, Oliver, Jeremy, María, Pricila, Annaly, Katerin, Bianny, Francina, Helen, and Heidy. And God knew that I could not do it alone, so I have an assistant, Ricardo Lambis. Please pray for Ricky too. And Ciara, a.k.a. Mrs. O, has 14 niños: David C., Fredery, Juan David, Juan Carlos, Pedro Luís, David D., Helen, Tiana, Iliana, Claudia, Genesis, Zuleiky, Kate, and Emely. We thank all of you who have been supporting and praying for us while we are here in the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic. Without y'all, we would not be here.
Much love from the D.R.,
Mark and Ciara

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John said...

Dude. i'm getting married. i proposed pretty much right after ya'll left. Wanted to tell you about it before you left, but couldn't talk around Lori, or it wouldn't have been a surprise! We're gettin married on December 13th here in Tyler.